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Do you provide training?
Yes, we provide:
- Online personal training
- Nutrition Coaching
- In-person Training (At home)
- Group Programs

Do I need a gym membership?
Not a requirement. We design a customized training and nutrition program for you based on what your goals are, based on the available equipment and needs. However, having a gym access in the future is preferred

How do I get my training program?
We use a fitness app.  You will download the app first. You’ll get your entire workout program, and exercise videos via the app.  You’ll also have the support and accountability you need to keep on track and making great progress.

Do you train in-person one on one?
Yes, we train up to and no more than 4 clients at a time Is you have the space.  This gives you space to train and get focused coaching through every workout.

How often do I need to workout?
This differ based on goals, time, and limitation, it could be minimum of 2 or all the way maximum of 6 per week.  

How long are the training sessions?
Sessions usually last 45 minutes up to an hour. This is the perfect amount of time to get your full body training session in to maximize progress and feel amazing.

Do I get a workout to follow?
Yes!  Every person gets their own customized training program based on your goals, limitations and needs.  You will have contact with your coach 24/7. 

Do I need to be in shape already to start training with you?
No.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete or a fitness rookie... We will make you a better version of yourself.

How long are the plans?
Our plan durations vary - from 4 weeks to 12 weeks depending on the selected program.

Are the plans free?
No. We charge between 15 omr up to 100+ depending on which plan you select, the duration, and the distance if it’s a in-person training plan.

Do I have to live in Muscat/Oman in order to apply?

Not at all!
Our programs are available globally for all that wish to participate. Unless you’re looking for an in-person training, then yes, you’ll need to be living in Muscat.

What if I have questions?
No problem! We are accessible to answer questions via Whatsapp every day.  We are always here for you. +968 9400 1133

We have a number of  training packages, they range from 15 omr to 100 omr per month

Click the button below to fill our application form, if I think that you're right for my training, we'll get on a call and discuss which one is right for you.