Online  Personal Training

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For your investment, you'll get:

- Initial consultation – to learn more about you and your goals.

- Initial assessment of your diet to learn where you are currently are with your nutrition.

- Individualised training plan and custom workout plan (Home or Gym) delivered through an industry-leading mobile fitness application.

- Custom Bi-Weekly Nutrition Guide and Daily Hands-on nutrition Coaching.

- Demonstration videos and detailed written instructions.

- Built-in training log so we can monitor your progress.

- Bi-weekly online check-in and monthly phone consults.

- Unlimited 24/7 instant message support whenever needed via Whatsapp.

- Virtual Form check and advice on small improvements you can make to your diet quickly/easily.

- Ongoing advice and support to gradually improve your eating habits, plus, weekly Fit tip.

- Constant support, accountability, and jokes 😊!

We have a number of  training packages, they range from 15 omr to 100 omr per month

Click the button below to fill our application form, if I think that you're right for my training, we'll get on a call and discuss which one is right for you.