Hybrid Training

Train like an athlete

Hybrid coaching is a mix of 1:1 training and online coaching for anyone who is reasonably self-motivated, have some experience with exercise, but hasn't been able to achieve the health and fitness results they want, or have tried other things that have not given sustainable long-term results.


Don't confuse this with a general population program. This is completely custom and tailored to your needs and preferences such as whether you prefer to exercise at home or at a gym

  • A weekly check-in with your coach that'll include accountability, guidance, advice, and adjustments to your individual needs based on your results.

  • A personalized training program that'll boost your strength, work your core, firm up the arms and reduce pain across the body.

  • A proven nutrition coaching program that'll provide you the exact information that you need specific to your body. 


  • 24/7 Whatsapp access to discuss progress and any concerns you have.

  • Your very own app to track your progress and access your program with easy to follow videos anywhere in the world.

  • Email support for when those questions arise and barriers pop up in your busy life.

  • 6 in the gym in-person personal training with a coach

  • Supplement recommendation

Starting from 100OMR per month

price depends on distance, time, and availablity

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