10 Steps to Stick to Your Fitness Resolution

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

It cannot be denied how easy it is to make a fitness resolution during New Year. The only problem is that most of us have difficulties in applying it and sticking with it for a longer period. Most fitness resolutions last up to March or April if you’re lucky, but we want to set you up with the top ten Steps to Stick to Your Fitness Resolution. If you want to know more about it, keep on reading and enjoy!

1. Ask Yourself Why are You Doing This

Some of us might find it hard to know the real reason why we are in need to stick with our fitness resolution. Some of you might answer that you need to stick with it to look more attractive and sexier, and the idea of being fit is being disregarded. It is vital for you to ask yourself why sticking with your fitness resolution is deeply important.

What are the things that make you stand up from your bed during the daytime and keeps you awake during nighttime? What are your goals in doing these things? What is your inspiration in making a change in your life? Answer all of these questions from your heart and you will find the real reason why sticking to your fitness resolution is a must.

2. Set Deadline – Be Specific about the Things You Want to Achieve

There are some cases that when we create our fitness resolutions, we tend to ignore them while leaving ourselves to make some wriggles. The truth about this idea is that you don’t have enough courage to stay with your fitness resolution even for a little longer. When you are aware of the things that you want to achieve with your fitness resolution by setting a deadline, you will stick with your goals for longer.

All you need to do is to know the exact thing that you need to do and when you are going to have it. Deadlines are not only made for projects, but you can consider staying on your fitness resolution as your project.

3. Begin with Small and Create a Momentum

If you are trying to achieve your goals as early as possible, you are planning your goals to fail. Rather, breakdown all your goals into smaller chunks and make a celebration in every achievement you had made.

As I have mentioned, staying with fitness resolution is quite difficult. Stay away from the negativities, and think of the possible things that might be done when you stick with your fitness goals.

4. Write your Fitness Resolutions

There are some people who stated that writing something you want to happen usually happen positively. So, if you want to stay with your fitness resolution, write all of them and display it in an area where you can see it regularly. Let this be your motivation.

5. Make Yourself Accountable

Accountability is a big word in terms of staying with your fitness resolution. Look for the ways that will make yourself accountable for the things you want to happen. You might consider getting some friends to email, text, or call you even twice a week to know if you are getting some positive results.

6. Measure Your Progress

What can be measured can be managed. Staying with your fitness resolution is always a matter of measurement. Measuring your development will enable you to know how much workouts you need to perform to achieve your fitness goals. Plus how less do you need to eat.

7. Do Not Rely on Motivations

Some of the motivations usually come early and disappear quickly. One of the keys that you can do to stick with your fitness resolution is to search for the different motivations that will inspire you to do the things that you need to do. You might consider finding an exercise companion or mark the days that you need to go to the gym, or just force yourself.

8. Have a Strong Focus

When you want to stay with your fitness resolution for a longer period, the focus is the key. It might be hard for you to force yourself to do the things that your body doesn’t want to do, but trust me, it will give you positive outcomes. So, if you don’t love to run, motivate yourself, or treat yourself when you accomplish your daily workout.

9. Get a Consistent Action and Sustainable Change

Include consistency and sustainability when you are planning to stay with your current fitness resolution. It will not give you any changes when you do an exercise in just a single day. Your body and mind need some time to adapt to the new routines you apply in your daily life.

10. Ensure it is all about You

Most of us are making our fitness resolution to fit into the standards of society. If you desire to have a positive result from your efforts on staying with your fitness resolution, make sure that you are doing this because of your self-satisfaction; and not because you want to live with the beauty standards declared by the society.

As always, if you want to take the guesswork out of your fitness journey and go through a tailored fitness program, use the box below.

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