This is How Long it Will Take for You to Start Seeing Results If You Start Working Out Today

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Exercise is great for wellbeing, like, for instance, cardio workout and strength training. These types of exercise can assist us in boosting our metabolic rate and mental wellbeing, too. Working out is also very efficient for shedding off fat. If you are focused on booty gains, strength training can help you do that too. But the question is, how long does it take till we start seeing results?

Everyone's weight loss and fitness journey are different. We have a different body as well. Therefore, no two individuals' output will be the same. Below are some of the answers from health and fitness experts regarding the questions of how long does it take till we start seeing results from working out.

How soon can we lose weight after working out?

According to Guichard Codio, one of the creators of New York Personal Training and NASM certified personal trainer, we cannot exercise and eat in a caloric surplus and look forward to burning fat. We need to burn lots of calories than we consume. Healthy eating needs plays a vital part of our exercise routine. When it comes to losing weight through working out, he commented that we could begin seeing results in 2 to 3 weeks. However, that is extreme and will not keep the weight off as our bodies don't have so much time to adjust and adapt to it.

The same way, trying to burn twenty pounds in just 30 days is not a realistic goal. If we have intense parts of our exercise and diet plan where we reduce the calorie intake from 2,500 to 1, 200 for 60 days, but need to sustain our weight loss process, we must slowly bring back those calories and boost our workout routine.

Also, according to experts, if we are trying to lose weight by exercising, we need to set up a deficit in calories. On the other hand, the amount of exercise we need to perform on a weekly basis without addressing food to keep the deficit of calories can be extremely stressful.

Working out and eating in a caloric deficit is what is suggested for losing weight because we would need to shed off 500 cal a day in our workouts for one week just to lose a pound. That is not a super realistic objective. It is not suggested by the expert that we work out on a daily basis. And in most cases, in which calories are extremely high, it is not enough to make the needed deficit.

All the health and fitness experts out there commented that there is no definite answer on when to see results since it depends on the individual objectives of the person. Age, weight, and body type are also some of the factors that need to be considered. As a whole, experts agreed that it will take just about two to three weeks to get results for healthy weight loss and which an aggressive method in a short span of time is not something we can sustain.

How soon can we gain muscle after working out?

According to experts, when doing a strength training or bodybuilding cycle of ten to twelve weeks with three lifting days a week, it is not rare to see a development in our muscle of 5 to 7 pounds. It will be easier for some of us who already have some muscle to put in that muscle. Usually, it takes 14 days to see results. If this is your first time to exercise, it may take two months to see results. It also depends on many factors.

Basically, no matter what your goal is, 30 days should be fairly enough to start seeing results, and we don’t mean seeing a transformation, just to start seeing results.

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