Why Can’t I Build Muscles

Updated: Oct 2, 2020


Most people walk into the gym without a personal trainer and with an incorrect formula that leaves them frustrated when they don’t get the desired results in the expected period. The primary frustration is usually the inability to add muscle mass. If you’re in this predicament, there are probably a few things you’re doing wrong. We’ll focus on the primary reason here.

What most personal trainers can agree on is that if you’re not adding mass, it is most likely because you’re doing too much cardio. It is therefore not the program that your personal trainer designed for you not working; it could be that you’re focusing on the wrong things. We’re here to help you ease the frustration.


Doing cardio is crucial, don’t get us wrong, but it needs to be the right type. Cardio along with dietary changes is what fitness experts suggest as the formula to losing weight, especially in the midsection. This form of physical exercises is what allows you to lose weight and burn fat. If your purpose is to lose weight, then cardio is what you should focus on as it is beneficial in many ways.

With cardio, you’ll have longevity, a better functioning immune system, and a visibly slimmer frame. As your metabolism increases, your body continues to burn fat even on days you’re off. It is the reason why though runners have toned bodies they don’t only do cardio; they are smaller in structure than say a bodybuilder. With that in mind, it becomes increasingly clear where you could be going wrong and why you might need to make changes to add mass.


What most people fail to understand is that the sole purpose of cardiovascular exercises is to up your heart rate and lungs ability to supply rich oxygenated blood to your muscles. It is through that the muscles become better at using the oxygen to form energy that makes your movement easier.

That explains the agility of people who do cardio; they can move swifter and get in a fuller range of motion that people who don’t engage in any activity. Therefore, while cardio is important, it is not how muscles get built. It does, however, work in tandem with the right way to gain muscle. So, don’t entirely discount cardio. It will be the difference between being able to get in a workout and collapsing midway during training. The latter will happen because your muscles don’t have enough oxygen to keep up with the demands of intense physical activities.


Resistance training is what any person wishing to add muscle mass should focus on more. Therefore, when hiring an online personal trainer in Muscat or anywhere make sure that you let them know that muscle mass is your primary focus.

Don’t get it wrong just as with cardio it also helps you lose weight. When you combine, both the results are noticeable in a few weeks. This kind of training aids in the increased muscle strength, your joints, tendons, and ligaments benefit in the same way.

Resistance training also referred to as weight or strength training also helps ups your bone density. The reason to push for strength training apart from improving your overall look is that as your muscles become strong, you develop an ability to still burn fat even on days you don’t train. These are also known as rest days.


No universal equation dictates what the best resistance training route is but the principles are the same, whether using us (Muscat’s leading online personal trainer) or even your unique routine there are things you should adhere to if you wish to add that coveted mass.

Types of training include:

  • the typical free weights

  • suspension equipment

  • weight machines

  • resistance bands

  • sandbags

  • ropes or tires

  • and using your body weight.

If you don’t have access to a gym then squats sit-ups and the like can prove to be just as effective.

Sets and Reps: There are varying ratios of what you should do to get the most out of strength training. However, the dominant range is 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps of whatever exercise you pick up.

Progression: Part of ensuring that you continue to grow mass or even maintain it is through having progressively harder training. You know the workout will be fruitful if you get to the point that you can’t push your body anymore. The trick is to increase resistance either by introducing various muscle specific workouts increasing the weights or the duration of each exercise.

Overall Training: Cardio or aerobic and weights aren’t the only things on the exercise menu. Balancing exercises and flexibility training are just as important to add to your program.

Recovery: Going to the gym every day will not get your muscle mass. It is in the rest days that the muscles repair and form. Therefore, depending on the intensity of your training aim, to take adequate time before working on the same muscle group again. The recommended wait is 48 hours.


Persistence and consistency are what will gain your mass. it requires commitment, a lifetime one even to get your ideal body and maintain it for as long as your health permits. even when using Smart Approach Fitness, keep in mind that getting mass is not something you do once, then lasts you a lifetime nor is it a fast process.

Too much cardio is not the only factor that affects muscle growth. though it is a primary factor, other aspects such as your diet, supplements, hours of sleep, and state of mind are just as essential. commit to changing your lifestyle if you want to change your life. there are unfortunately no two ways about it.

Get yourself organized and let a professional do the planning for you, answer a few questions below and let us get started.

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